About Me

My name is Katherine Miller, the owner/operator of Aunt Katherine’s Pet Salon, the pet salon that comes to you! I started dog sitting 24 years ago and found that caring for animals was my calling, so I decided to make it my life’s passion and career. After studying dog grooming and graduating from Hagerstown Community College, in addition to volunteering at the Washington County Humane Society, I knew my soul was where it belonged. I am now also a Certified Pet Aesthetician specializing in hair and skin restoration.

I have four spoiled dogs (plus Mr. Whiskers my cat) and promise your fur babies will be treated as one of my own. Their comfort and safety are always my top priority!

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  1. Thank you so much for this service. My two hounds – Isaac and Ozzie – haden’t been bathed well in some time, they came out looking and smelling beautiful!! Thank you Aunt Katherine!


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